Over the weekend, Dr. Jim and Dr. Jimmy attended an extensive 15-hour Continuing Education class by the Academy of General Dentistry about clear tray teeth aligners. Additionally, they learned about new cutting edge technology like 3D printing and digital impressions. After completing the course, both doctors now offer SureSmile clear aligners by Dentsply to help move teeth as an alternative to traditional braces. As always, it’s very important to have professional help from a dentist to move teeth instead of trying to do it yourself. Ask them about the class the next time you visit us to learn more about these new techniques!

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Have a Question? Text Us!

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As of the end of last month, Zimmerman, The Art of Dentistry now has texting capabilities! If you have a question about your upcoming appointment, or concern about a sore tooth, for example, feel free to text us and we will respond during normal business hours. Our phone number is still the same for calling or texting, so hopefully it will be easier for you to get in touch with us!

Additionally, we are now sending out automated appointment reminders via email, text, and voice call to help you keep track of your appointments. Please let us know if you like this feature the next time you are in!


Dr. Zimmerman, along with several other Toledo-area dentists, attended the Spring Clinic on April 26, 2017. The Spring Clinic is an annual event hosted by the Toledo Dental Society to help local dentists learn about cutting edge technology and procedures. This year had a special focus on sleep dentistry, and how to fabricate effective appliances to help patients with mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The day was full of learning and innovation to help be the best provider we can be!


Planned by Dr. Zimmerman and several other local dentists, The Toledo Dental Society hosted the first ever D.O.S.E. event on October 13, 2016 at Inverness Club. The Dental Opioid Symposium and Education event was created as a grassroots effort to combat the opioid addiction spreading through Ohio. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine spoke to attendees, which included dentists and other members of the Toledo community. Dentists at the event were educated with proper prescribing habits for post-operatory care to prevent new addictions.